Building authentic relationships with donors

As fundraisers, we talk to wide variety of people – team members, volunteers, clients, and yes, donors. For many, meeting with and talking to donors is out of their comfort zone. And building a relationship just so you can ask for money – well, that just feels downright wrong to some. Does this sound like […]

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Nonprofit Blog Carnival call for submissions: Care and feeding of presidents

I’m honored to be hosting the February 2014 Nonprofit Blog Carnival! In previous years, February has been dedicated to how to show yourself (the fundraiser) some love and how to show donors love so they’ll want to keep coming back. This year, we’re going to take a different approach. Send me your Presidents, your CEO’s, […]

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Using Clear, Bold Language That Inspires Action
Today I’m delivering a training called Fundraising: Imagine What’s Possible at the Global Ties>U.S. National Conference in Washington, D.C. Global Ties is formerly NCIV: The National Counc…

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