How to effectively interact with donors

So many fundraising problems can be solved by interacting with donors. Getting to know them. Asking about their interests. Learning their stories. I call it “seeing donors in their natural habitat.” But if you’ve had years and years of only focusing on your nonprofit and what you do and how great your staff is, interacting

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A 10-Minute Exercise to Shift Into Gratitude

 Fundraising is a busy business.   There’s always more to do than you can get done.   Can I get an ‘amen’?   If you’re like me, I sometimes feel like I’m on a raft moving swiftly down a raging river and I just dropped my paddle.   Life moves fast! Sometimes it’s hard to30

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Celebrating World Gratitude Day

What I’m grateful for and celebrate today on World Gratitude Day:

  • That you are a reader of my Fire Starters blog.
  • That I do work that inspires me every day.
  • That by teaching others the power of using stories to engage others, I hear heart-warming, heart-wrenching, mission moments, often.

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